About Curiousjoi


This is me! Yup, Curiousjoi. I am the one that talks about all the craziness you see on this blog.

What is this blog you ask? Well…..

This blog is a place where I talk about pretty much everything that I love.  I couldn’t decide what kind of blog I wanted to do because I love and enjoy so many different things.  I grew up being a gamer but I also enjoyed watching many TV shows and movies as well.

It wasn’t until recently that I have seriously gotten into fashion and beauty and well – many MANY hours are spent on the internet looking at tutorials and just online window shopping.  Come on – if I bought EVERYTHING that I wanted I would be living in my clothes.

I hope you guys enjoy the things that I will be discussing on my blog and feel free to let me know what you would like me to talk about!

I have a set calendar so you know exactly what kind of content to expect on which day.


Magic Monday  – On Mondays you can expect to see me post about anything Movie or Gaming related.

Beauty Tuesday – Well.. it’s in the name – Tuesday’s is where I will talk all things beauty.

Wacky Wednesday – This is a day filled with RANDOM! Who knows what will be posted on Wednesdays!

Tele Thursday – Since I’ve been glued to my TV recently – I decided to dedicate thursday to talk about all things TV show related.

Fashion Friday – My blog cannot be complete without a day filled with fashion!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and about section!

Look forward to seeing you in cyber space!


Facebook: Facebook.com/Allthingscuriousjoi

Youtube: Curiousjoi

Twitter: @Curiousjoi

Instagram: Curiousjoi



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